The rose of saffron is a very particular rose, because of its difficult and rare cultivation required it’s considered since centuries one of the most expensive and valued spices: already in ancient times was used as condiment in foods as well as medically and coloring qualities.

                The saffron’s high price is due to its production costs: to get one ounce (28’5 grams) of pure saffron, we need around 6.000 flowers. But the King of Spices (as called) justifies all these difficulties in the production, its extraordinary aroma and its peculiar taste make the saffron the perfect complement for all kind of international recipes: Spanish paella, Italian risotto, indian Byriani chicken… just a pinch of Spanish saffron gives a delicious taste and extraordinary color to any dish. And it will be helpful for health too.


Saffron is cultivated in Spain since more than 1.000 years with a deep-rooted tradition and it has been exported practically to almost all countries. The Spanish saffron have implied a saving opportunity for all the families for de major zone of La Mancha (Albacete, Toledo, Ciudad Real, Murcia and part of Aragon) during the past 20th century, and Castilla la Mancha became famous all around the world, having gained prestige for its great quality.